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About Shawn

Author | Coach | Consultant | Father | Mentor | Speaker
Being a superdad ROCKS... besides being the best dad ever which is a full-time job...

Shawn wears many hats. When not attending a school function, tennis match, hosting a sleepover, tutoring algebra and other fun dad stuff he works as a management consultant. Focused on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness to achieve your vision he aligns your people, process and technology to grow your business faster. A passionate speaker he shares messages on knowledge management, process visibility, organizational accountability, taking personal responsibility and crafting our futures by showing up talking action one day at a time.

  • The cornerstone to every organization nurturing your team comes with deliberate focus.

  • Does everyone know what to do? When to do it? How it should be done? Can you measure success? With process visibility you can get there.

  • Changing faster than most can keep up with, technology allows you to leverage and scale exponentially.

  • Knowing were your going and keeping your eye on the prize takes focus and commitment. Skills learned with practice.


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