You are the most important man in her life

Whether you were the first man she ever saw after opening her eyes , you are just now entering her life or you are considering reentry into her life today I know without a doubt that You Are the Most Important Man in Her Life.  Your love, choices, behaviors, boundaries, interactions and attitude definitely matter to her, regardless of whether or not you, her mother or she currently thinks it does.

As fathers, we matter so much more to our daughters than most of us get credit for as we set an example for every relationship she will ever have with a member of the opposite sex.  By participating in her life you will influence her career choice, sexual promiscuity, future partner selection, educational path and ultimately her sense of self-worth.  This is important stuff, regardless of what you believe now or have been telling yourself since becoming a father.

Research has demonstrated that increased involvement by fathers during adolescence correlates to increased self-esteem for daughters.  Additionally, there is also research that validates a positive correlation between a father’s involvement in his daughter’s youth with her overall satisfaction level with life.  I know from experience that the more I am involved in my daughter’s life the more love, confidence and self-esteem she demonstrates daily in her relationships with classmates, teachers, friends and family.  It is really quite simple…as goes the father so goes the daughter.

This was more eloquently shared by John Mayer in his song Daughters.

Fathers, be good to your daughters.  Daughters will love like you do. – John Mayer

Simple, yet profound.

You are the most important man in her life and the foundation for her future relationships with all other men for generations to come.


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