Teach her EMPATHY

With all the riots and turmoil happening this last week after another historic election a lightbulb went on.  I’m writing the final section in my parenting book Being Her Superhero: A Father’s Guide to Raising A Happy, Healthy Successful Daughter  and I’m on the appendix which has important lessons I am writing to supplement my 200 page Read more about Teach her EMPATHY[…]

She needs a Superhero, where are you dad?

All around your daughter are images of boys and men sometimes being positive role models for her and other times leaving a lot to be desired. My daughter will be 14 in a few days and thinking back over the years I have jotted down just a few of the notorious males that come to mind off the top Read more about She needs a Superhero, where are you dad?[…]

You are the most important man in her life

Whether you were the first man she ever saw after opening her eyes , you are just now entering her life or you are considering reentry into her life today I know without a doubt that You Are the Most Important Man in Her Life.  Your love, choices, behaviors, boundaries, interactions and attitude definitely matter Read more about You are the most important man in her life[…]

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